Flat Cable Flys

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Exercise Cues:

  1. Adjust the pulleys in line with your shoulders and select the appropriate weight that will allow you to reach the correct intensity without compromising form.
  2. Slightly bend the elbow so that your arm is not straight and take step forward from the cable machine.
  3. You should have your elbows in line with your back and your hands just in-front on your chest. You can either have a staggered stance or have your feet square, it comes down to what you prefer.
  4. To begin, bring your hands together to the mid-line of the chest and actively squeeze the muscles at the top of the contraction. Tip: Focus of driving the elbows together to get the best contraction possible.
  5. Slowly return to the start position and repeat for the prescribed sets and reps.



  1. Avoid allowing your hands to go past the shoulder joint as this can cause damage to the shoulder. Keep the bend at the elbow and keep the tension  on the muscle.
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